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Registration Help and FAQ's

I Need to Update the Club from Undecided

* Log into Webpoint (link)
* Select Member Area on left panel
* Click the tab that says Member Profile
* Select Club from the pull down on the right side
* Select Edit Contact Info button on bottom of the page to save the update
IMPORTANT NOTE: Only the member or their parent / guardian can select a club. GEVA Staff nor Club Directors or Administrators can take that action for you.

I Need to Print My Membership Card

* Log into Webpoint (link)
* Select Print Membership Card on left panel

I Need to Upgrade from Tryout Membership to Full Junior Membership

* Log into Webpoint (link)
* Click "To Apply for your Membership Online Click Here" (Across the top of the screen)
* Verify your personal information and click Continue
* Select the Radio Button that reads "GEVA Upgrade from Try-Out to Junior Membership" and select Submit
* Proceed with the rest of the registration as you did for your tryout membership (enter credit card info, accept waivers, hit submit)

I Need to Change to a Full Membership

* Submit the GEVA Webpoint Help form and select "other" for reason. After Dec 1 there  is a $10 administrative fee for canceling a limited membership ( developmental or league) and reregistering as a full member.  To avoid this fee please do not use these memberships if you plan on being placed on a tournament roster.

I Need To Print the Medical Release

* Attached below is a copy of the USAV Medical Release that can be printed and filled out.  This is from the USAV Webpoint system.

I Need to Change to GEVA Region

* I have relocated from or into the GEVA Region, and wish to have my registration transferred.  NOTE: This is reserved for persons making actual physical moves, or special consideration for those living on or very close to Region borders.  The transfer MUST be approved by the Commissioners of both Regions.  It is intended for individuals, not groups, teams, or Clubs.  It can only be done in complete accordance with USAV Rules.

* Submit the GEVA Webpoint Help form and select "other" for reason.  Please put in your new region and member number and the reason for the move. (documentation may be required). There is an administrative fee for cancellation of active memberships for region transfers - before Jan 1- $5, after Jan 1 -$10 
Notes:There is no charge to just change regions without cancellation. Please note that the background screen fee is non-refundable.

Click here to submit the form

I Need Help with a Junior Player USA Volleyball Registration

* Submit the GEVA Webpoint Help form for registration help for a junior membership.

Click here to submit the form