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Adult Tournament Guidelines

Member Registration

All participants and team staff (e.g., coach, assistant coach, etc.) must have a current USA Volleyball (USAV) membership.  Valid memberships include the following:

  • $10 One-Day Membership
  • $15 Collegiate Membership
  • $25 Local GEVA Region Only Membership
  • $25 Master’s (55+) Membership
  • $65 Full Adult Membership

The Local GEVA Region Only Membership is ONLY good for playing within the GEVA region. If you plan to play out of region or in Nationals, you must register for the Full Adult Membership. If you register for the Local Region Only Membership and then decide that you want the Full Adult Membership, you will have to pay the full amount. NOTE: The amount already paid for the Local Region Only Membership cannot be refunded!

Click here to register.

Tournament Sign-In

Rosters are not required for the teams. Teams can be formed of any 6+ GEVA/USAV registered members. Everyone who participates must sign the check-in sheet. We ask that the teams provide the names and USA Volleyball membership ID to the Adult Tournament Coordinator ( Provide this information no later than the Wednesday prior to the tournament. Participants whose name are not provided in advance can be added at the tournament with proof of USAV membership (such as a printout of the USAV membership card or showing the Webpoint information on their smartphone).

The team representative must show identification. If the team representative is not present, their delegate must show identification.

Uniform Information

Shorts: There are no requirements for shorts; wear whatever you would like.

Shirts: There are no requirements for shirts; wear whatever you would like.

Numbers: There are no requirements for numbers on shirts.

Libero Shirt: The Libero must wear a shirt that is contrasting to all the other team members' shirts.

Work Team Information

Work Team Members: A certified referee will be provided as the R1 (up official). The work team must provide the R2 (down official), a flip scorer, and two lines judges.

Scoring: As the players will not have uniform shirts with numbers, a scoresheet will not be used; just a flip scoreboard.


Game ball: Provided by the teams

Rules: GEVA uses the USA Volleyball Domestic Competition Regulations