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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources


  • See the “Match Point” documentary: Click here
  • USA Volleyball partners with RISE: Click here
  • Become a Sister Club for the Starlings Volleyball Program: Click here
  • Check out the hashtag #VolleyTheChange on social media
  • P/ATH, to leverage the voice and experience of our highest level athletes/coaches and the far-reaching youth sports networks to try to help shift the culture of the next generation towards greater empathy, equity and empowerment.


  • Podcast: Dual Pandemics – Coronavirus & Racism (Hilinski’s Hope): Click Here
  • Athlete Ally Training Module: Click Here
  • Transgender College Student Resource Guide: Click Here
  • Video diaries on experiencing and dealing with prejudice from Awareness Harmony Acceptance Advocates (AHAA): Click Here
  • Panel discussion from RISE – “Athlete Activism & The Fight For Equality” – Highlight Video – Full Panel Discussion
  • “How To Challenge Discriminatory Comments” from Basic Diversity: Click Here
  • “Beyond The Golden Rule” – A Parent’s Guide To Preventing & Responding To Prejudice: Click Here
  • “What Inclusion Is & Is Not” – from Diversity Central: Click Here
  • Understanding Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity – from the American Psychological Assocation (APA): Click Here
  • Talking To Kids About Discrimination – from the APA: Click Here
  • The Role of Recreation Leaders in Preventing Bullying – from Click Here
  • Preventing Bullying Toward LBGTQ Youth – from Click Here
  • Successful Teams & Respectful Team Members: Click Here
  • Preventing Bullying: What Great Coaches Need To Know: Click Here
  • Positive Coaching Alliance Development Zone: Click Here
  • Could You Be Racist And Not Know It?: Click Here
  • Trainings For Youth-Serving Professionals – From The Trevor Project: Click Here
  • Resources For LGBT Youth – From the CDC: Click Here
  • Online Guide & Resources For LBGTQ Students – From Marysville University: Click Here
  • Cyber Bullying Information: Click Here
  • Port of Seattle Anti-Racism Resources: Click Here

Websites & Other Resources

Racial Justice Online Resource List


  • Printable educational exercises from RISE: Click Here
  • Educational exercises from Awareness Harmony Acceptance Advocates (AHAA): Click Here
  • Online Implicit Association Test – from Understanding Prejudice: Click Here (Read articles about this test here)
  • Implicit Bias Tests – from Harvard University (multiple options): Click Here
  • Bullying Prevention Online Training Center from Click Here
  • Quizzes on Bullying & Cyberbullying from Click Here
  • USOC SafeSport Online Training: Click Here
  • TrueSport Bullying Prevention Lessons: Click Here
  • TrueSport “Respect” Lessons: Click Here


  • Hilinski’s Hope Foundation: Click Here
  • Statistics about mental health in youth/teens: Click Here
  • NCAA’s mental health page & resources: Click Here
  • NCAA’s Proposal For Mental Health Resources at Power 5 Schools: Click Here
  • Pac-12 Putting More Money Toward Mental Health: Click Here
  • “Your Life Matters” Video: Click Here
  • Black Mental Health Alliance: Click Here
  • Latinx  Therapy: Click Here
  • South Asian Mental Health Initiative & Network: Click Here