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GEVA - Membership Registration and Help

Registrations, Teams and Other Administrative Functions


As of September 1,  2018

The  Memberships Available for Junior Girls are:

Free Eight Years Old and Younger

The Developmental Membership (good through 10/31/2019 NOT UPGRADEABLE - NOT GOOD FOR USAV COMPETITION)

The Tryout Membership for Boys Only (Good thru 10/15 UPGRADEABLE)

The Tryout Membership for Girls Only  November 7th you will be able to upgrade to either the Full Membership or the Developmental Membership and choose your club.  In order to choose a club and be placed on a roster you will need to upgrade to the Full Membership, NOT Developmental.  

If you choose the Developmental Membership and at any point during the season need to be upgraded to be placed on a roster you will need to have the Developmental Membership cancelled (No Refund) and re-register.  This process can take up to a week.  

Also - Please be advised, the GEVA Juniors staff and registrar offer their services on a part time basis.  As of August 15 2018  many of the staff will be coaching and/or facilitating events across the region.  Do not expect that issues raised on Friday morning, afternoon or evening have sufficient time to be addressed for players and coaches wishing to participate in weekend activities.

Registration (USAV Webpoint System)

Registration for the 2018-2019 season is Open -


At the bottom of this page, click on the appropriate title (link) to be directed to the USAV Webpoint system for registration.  There are options for New Members and Renewing Members.

IMPORTANT: Write down your username and password. 

Junior Registration - Having Issues

If you are a Junior registering with GEVA and are having problems, please review the Registration Help and FAQ's page.

If you are still having problems, contact your Club Administrator or Club Director for assistance in resolving your registration issue.  Club contact information is available HERE

If you are a Junior that is unaffiliated with a club use the Junior General Help request form located HERE

Registration Links

I Need Help with a Junior Player USA Volleyball Registration

* Submit the GEVA Webpoint Help form for registration help for a junior membership.

Click here to submit the form

Memberships (click on the links below)

New Member in USAV Webpoint

If you are a NEW member, click the link above (New Member) to register. You are a new member if you have never registered with USA Volleyball or in GEVA.

Renewing Member in USAV Webpoint (known password)

If you are a RENEWING member and know your username and password, click the above link (Renewing Member) to log in and register. If you registered in USAV/GEVA during the last few years, then you are a renewing member.

Renewing Member in USAV Webpoint (need password reset)

If you are a RENEWING member and do not remember your username and password, click the above link (Renewing Member) to register.