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General Officials' Information

Welcome to the GEVA Officials' general information page. There is also a separeate page dedicated for the certification of Junior officials (R2 and scorers) (see the list of Useful Links).

From this page, you will be able find the latest news and events (e.g., clinics) for Officials as well as links to resources available to Officials (e.g., rules, scoresheets, procedures, etc.).

Recent News

LI Junior Rep

By Nomination Committee 08/11/2019, 10:15pm EDT

Our recent Commissioner election has resulted in a vacancy for the Long Island Juniors rep (formally called "Long Island Junior Elected Director"). A special election will be held this fall to fill the remaining term of just under 1 year (2020 is the next election year for this position). Basic requirements include being a GEVA member in good standing for at least one year, a member of USAV in good standing for three years, and currently residing on Long Island. Interested candidates and those who want to make a nomination should contact the Nominations Committee at, with a cc to, no later than September 1st, 2019.


Useful Links

USAV Member Registration

Member registration, on-line clinics. officials' tests

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If you are a NEW member, click the link above (New Member) to register. You are a new member if you have never registered with USA Volleyball or in GEVA.