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IMPACT and IMPACT Renewal Clinics in GEVA

UPDATED 12/5/2017 Impact On Demand

The 2017-18 free IMPACT course registration link for your region is below. You have a total of 40 free course registrations for the season. 


-From the date of registration, a coach has a time limit of 60 days to complete the course and pass the exam. Should the coach exceed the 60 day window, re-registration fee will be $25 and provide an additional 60 days access to their course. The member can download, save, or print the completion certificate at any point by going into ‘transcripts’ on the dashboard of his/her USAV Academy account. The USAV membership record will be automatically updated as well.

-IMPACT Manual is included in the course for each chapter. If a coach would rather purchase a hard copy of the Indoor IMPACT Manual, he/she may do so here:  The cost for the printed and bound manual is $18.00.

-Any coach taking the course needs to register himself/herself individually.

-The link is for your region members only.

Access the Impact on Demand course at any time through the USAV website.

Link to Impact on Demand

CLICK HERE To Register for USAV IMPACT and IMPACT Renewal Clinics Here

Register for Clinics by clicking the link above. At the top right - choose Register, when you get to the registration page you will need to log in, then complete and submit your registration.