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Funds for teams who played in Regionals & Nationals

By Adult Director, 10/08/15, 11:00AM EDT


Did you know that teams that play during the season, play in Regionals, and then play in the USAV National Championships are eligible to receive funds from GEVA? This fact is in the Adults Player Handbook

For each tournament played, including Regionals, each team will receive $25, based on the amount that was budgeted.

This is the way that the GEVA region is thanking the teams and members for supporting GEVA throughout the season and the way that GEVA is helping support the teams to attend Nationals

There were 22 teams that qualified to receive these funds. If you have not already received the funds, the funds will be dispersed shortly.  The qualifying teams are as follows:

  • All Hustle
  • Chipotle - WB
  • Fuego Green-CNJVBC
  • Goodfellas CNJVBC
  • Guapos
  • Hasenet Creole
  • Hazard
  • Hi-Ya!
  • I'd Hit That-CNJVBC
  • Legacy Women
  • Limitless-CNJVBC
  • Mercy Kill
  • Metro La Femme                        
  • Metropolis
  • Metropolis La Donna
  • Motorboat
  • NY Strangers
  • Rage
  • Skyline
  • Team WinkWink
  • Trainwreck
  • VBLI Uptown