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Impact Renewal

By GEVA Education, 09/30/13, 6:45PM EDT




How do I remain certified?

The process and requirement for impact renewal in the GEVA Rregion is fully intended to foster continued education of certified coaches.  The renewal requirement is not difficult to meet, and is intentionally broad in scope.  Renewals are granted on 1, 2, 3, or 4, year blocks. Renewals can be in the form of seminars attended, clinics attended, relevant continuing education credit, or generally any educational endeavor intended to enhance the ability and professionalism of your coaching career. The most desirable and fully accepted renewal is attendance and completion of a USAV Coaching Accreditation Program Course.  These courses can be found at the USA Volleyball website, and are good for four years.  The GEVA Rregion hosts one of these courses at least every other year.


Other major renewals are classes such as Gold Medal Squared clinics. USAV Cap Renewal Modules, and GEVA conducted renewal clinics earn three year renewals. USAV Cap certified coaches are continually updated as long as their cap status is kept current.  USAV has requirements for this renewal. Recognized First Aid / CPR /AED classes will be given a onetime credit for the duration of the certification (usually one or two years). Participating in  the GEVA High Performance Program with a positive evaluation is another avenue for renewal.

We have granted renewals for college students completing education related or volleyball related course work.  We have given credit for coaches attending seminars at the AVCA Convention at the NCAA Final Four.  

We are flexible as long as you do not remain stagnant.

September 2013 - New guidelines for IMPACT renewal.

1.    Repeating Impact will no longer be considered as an option for renewal.

2.    Persons who allow Impact to expire for one or two years are able to re-certify by attending an approved renewal clinic. (clinic must be approved by education committee)

3.    Persons allowing Impact to expire for three years or more will be required to complete Impact certification again.

Questions on what qualifies for renewal are directed to

Please provide as much info as possible.