Metropolis La Femme (Women's BB)

Thursday evening, our Metropolis La Femme team gathered at the airport, only to find our outbound flight cancelled, and the next available flight late the next day. With our first match approaching in the PM wave the following afternoon, we hauled ass to the airport car rental. We were lucky enough to get a last minute rental of a vehicle large enough to carry our full team down to Louisville. So we left LGA at 10:30 P.M. for our road trip to 2013 USAV Nationals. 3 drivers, 4 pit stops, 5 states and 14 hours later, we arrived at our destination. Our team catches a quick 15-minute catnap, and we are up again and heading to the convention center. With our energy on low and fueled solely on Starbucks and ‘a good story’, we face our toughest competitor the first match of the tournament. We ended up dropping the match by two points in the third set to the team that went on to win the tourney. For the remainder of Day 1 and Days 2 and 3, we went on to win all of our remaining matches, landing us in the finals for Silver. We dropped a tough match in the finals, and placed 10th overall. Through out the entire weekend, we had an amazing fan base and great support from our Metropolis Men’s team, our GEVA friends and others from our colleges and previous hometowns.

Northshore Yellow (Women's BB)

My experience at the 2013 adult nationals in Louisville, KY was one of a kind. This was my first adult nationals, so I had no idea what to expect. Our first two days of play didn’t go according to plan. We went 0-6. However, Sunday we came out on top in our playoff bracket and ended the weekend with a few victories; although not the best performance, we bonded as a team and worked through tough games, runs, and individual player slumps. It was the best first team I could have played with, and most of us being coaches were able to guide the team to eventual success. Aside from the play, I had the experience of going down to nationals with many fellow Sportime coaches as well as people from the surrounding volleyball communities. Being a fairly new Long Islander, I loved having the opportunity to form new friendships, gaining a stronger bond with the Sportime coaches and being in an environment which helped me to leave with many good friendships. I am hoping that next year brings more great memories and an even better finish! I can't wait for Nationals 2014!

Rogues (Women's BB)

After taking a year off from participating in the US Open Volleyball Championships, the Rogues were back at it again. We had a pretty solid and fun regular season so we did not want it to end just yet. Deciding to play in Louisville, Kentucky was easy but, for most of our girls, getting to Kentucky was the hard part. With storms canceling and delaying flights, we almost did not have a full team by start time. Luckily most were able to rent a car and drive the 11 hours and one player was able to reschedule a flight last minute to make it by game time.

Once we were all together it was definitely worth all the trouble. We had our returning players: Margaret V. Buttery(Setter), Vivian Chu (Defensive Specialitst), Ely Polanco (Outside Hitter), and Maribel Borysyuk (Libero). We also had our newcomers: Anna Amster (Middle Blocker), Shirley Miller (Outside Hitter), Devin Plote (Opposite), Angie Casado Murdock (Setter), and Crystal Matelski (Middle Blocker). We had a decent run during the first two days of pool play ending up with a match record of 4-2. But splitting one too many of those games cost us a spot to even contend in the bronze bracket. Lesson learned: do not choke on the third game against any team at 14-11. Besides this lesson, it was also nice to learn that overall our GEVA region has represented well at this tournament. It was a blast to cheer (log rolls and all) and hang out with fellow GEVA players.

To sum it up I am quoting our outside hitter, Shirley Miller. " First Nationals lived up to its name. It did not disappoint." Nationals have always been and will always be pretty memorable for the Rogues!

Trainwreck (Women's BB)

Trainwreck Volleyball, USAV Nationals Article

Women’s BB

Trainwreck’s trip to Louisville started out in true Trainwreck fashion. After having our flight from JFK to Louisville canceled, we were able to re-book on a flight out of LaGuardia for later that evening. We hightailed it over there, only to be told that that flight was canceled as well! It was then 11pm and we were scheduled to play at 3pm the next day. Determined to get to Nationals by any means possible, we headed to Enterprise and left for Kentucky crammed into a Suburban. Thirteen hours and very little sleep later, we rolled into the Expo Center parking lot, ready to go.

That first match was rough, but we managed to take a set off of them and lost the match in 3. We then rallied to beat the next two teams, winning one match in 2 and the other match in 3. This put us at 2-1 going into the second day of pool play. On day 2, we swept the first team we played easily in 2 sets. We then went into our two toughest matches of pool play, against the 1 and 2 seeds in our pool. The match against the 2 seed was a hard fought one and we ended up losing in 3 sets. We had a ton of fan support from other GEVA teams and it was an incredible experience. The third match of the day was similar and we dropped that as well to end pool play at 3-3. This put us in 4th place after a nail-biter tiebreaker that we lost by .06%!!

On the third and final day, we began Flight 1 playoffs. We won the first two matches in 2 and went into the finals of the flight excited but exhausted. After easily winning the first set, our exhaustion took over and we dropped the next two, taking second in the bracket. Our GEVA fans were there to support us again and we were extremely grateful for the fanbase!

Overall, Trainwreck’s Nationals experience was incredible. Beyond just the on-court fun, we had the greatest time meeting teams from all over the country and cheering on our friends. Having the men play in the AM and the women play in the PM allowed us to watch our friends and make new ones. The nightlife also enabled us to meet so many new people and come away with some incredible stories.

We are already fundraising for Phoenix 2014! This time we’ll fly in 2 days before…

VBLI Crush (Women's BB)

VBLI Crush

Division: Women's BB
Team Representative: Glenn Yankow

After another great GEVA season we were ready for Nationals in Louisville Kentucky.

Being our second season, we thought we knew what to expect but with the new format no way to play back in it was an all-new experience.

The ladies Laura Bellotti, Danielle MacKnight, Kirsten Masem, Stefani Koelbel, Michelle Jacobson, Jasmine McDavid, Chivonne Michelle, Danielle Cota and Jackie Goldstein planned for months weekend.

Day one: After checking into a fantastic hotel we all went over to the coliseum to check in. Just like last year the checking process was fast and simple, even getting a court to warm up on was easy.

Day two was rough first day the girls got into a grove and took the second day by storm. The competition at nationals was nothing short of fantastic and was even better than last year. Player teams from all over the country is something many of the girls agreed.

Day three: all pools were set and we knew that is was win or go home. Game one and two were wins, game three sent us home. Although we ended where we had hoped, playing at the highest level of competition since college was the greatest experience anyone could ask for.

Playing volleyball in a national tournament is amazing for true volleyball athletes. The National Tournament is an experience that is definitely worth the trip.