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Level up your team with the right tools.

As your season starts to get in full swing, make sure that you have everything you need to own the court this year. 

Use Hudl Assist to get your match data broken down into advanced stats and reports within 24 hours. And empower your players with our new college search and contact feature, which allows them to take control of their recruiting journey. 

Start your year with 10% off Hudl and Hudl Assist accounts through our GEVA partnership. Check it out here!

Garden Empire Volleyball Association Partnership

Presentation of exclusive offer for GEVA members.

Want to become the greatest of all time?

The best of the best put the work in to make the hard part look easy. With Hudl’s upgraded athlete profiles, taking control over your recruitment is as simple as 1-2-3:

1. Opt-in to the updated recruiting profile on Hudl

With the click of a mouse, you’re supercharging your Hudl profile to make it easier for recruiters to notice you. Fill in key info such as contact information as well as academic and athletic stats.

2. Review the Complete Recruiting Guide for Athletes,

This five-part resource is a one-top-shop that covers: 1) an overview of the process 2) understanding your recruiting eligibility, 3) searching for colleges that fit your skill, 4) using Hudl’s tools to stand out and get noticed, and 5) communicating with college coaches.

3. Connect with recruiters by sharing your profile and a personal message.

With our latest search and contact features, you can get the ball rolling by sending your Hudl profile and a short message with verified coaches and recruiters. Then, use custom statuses to track your progress and mark the programs you like, don’t like, or want to follow up with.