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Juniors High Performance

Tryout and Camp Details:

GEVA HP Tryouts: May 18th and 19th

(Check on the gender pages for details)

GEVA HP Camp Dates:
On or around July 10-15th
(Check on the gender pages for details)

USAV High Performance Championships

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

JULY 18 - 22, 2019



GEVA USA High Performance is the sole Sanctioned USA Volleyball Indoor High Performance Program in the GEVA Region. The Program allows our region to train and compete under the USA Volleyball National HP Program umbrella. We duplicate the programs, training, and concepts athletes from across the nation can receive if they make a USA Volleyball National Program camp or team. The Mission of the Garden Empire Volleyball Association (GEVA) Regional HP Program is to provide additional and unique development opportunities for the Region’s Elite Junior Volleyball Athletes as well as to the Region’s Elite and Aspiring Volleyball Coaches. We operate in full compliance with the USA Volleyball National Team Athlete Development Philosophy. Coaches are selected through an open application process. Athletes are selected through a multi-tiered competitive selection process in compliance with USA Volleyball National Team Development Standards. There are NO restrictions on the number of Coaches or Athletes allowed participating from any given Team, Club, School or other Organization. The Program has NO Team, Club, Organizational Alliances or Affiliations other than the Garden Empire Volleyball Association (GEVA) and The National High Performance Championships.


Throughout my life I have had many experiences that will be remembered for the rest of my life, although a few in particular stand above the rest. These few events truly changed my outlook on the world and recreated my expectations for myself. One of these events was playing for GEVA in the 2018 high performance championships. By playing for GEVA High Performance, I was given the opportunity not only to travel to Tulsa, Oklahoma with nine talented volleyball players and four amazing coaches but to play high level volleyball for five days and ultimately come in fourth place out of the twenty teams in the national division of my age group. This experience created an opportunity for me to make new friends, get training from a variety of highly experienced coaches, travel across the country, and most importantly become a much better more well rounded volleyball player. In addition to meeting and playing against many different volleyball players around the country, through this program I was given the opportunity to spend time and trade clothes with a large group of girls from Australia, some of which I remain in contact with. This program created opportunities for me beyond what I believed I would ever have the possibility to do and for that, I am extremely grateful. Playing for GEVA high performance this year truly was one of the best experiences of my life, and it is a memory that I will never forget. 

J.S. of the GEVA High Performance Program 2018 in Tulsa

Registration Is Open!

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Cost Breakdown After Tryouts

Selection Camp Prices: $350

Team Camp Prices: Free for those invited

Trip Cost for Players: $600*

*this is only the cost for registration, hotel, and travel.  Each player will also need a meal budget and money for odds and ends.


What is the difference between a Region High Performance Program and the US National High Performance Programs? If I am invited to both, which should I attend?

USA Volleyball has forty regions across the US. Of these forty regions, eighteen ran Region HP programs in 2011. These programs are a part of the National HP Programs, but the tryouts and summer programs are run separately. Region HP programs usually hold Region tryouts, select a team, train, and then compete at the USAV High Performance Championships. Athletes interested in participating in a National HP Program will need to attend a National tryout, be selected to participate in a program and the program dates are inclusive (there are no training sessions that take place outside of the 5 or 10 day program).

We want athletes to be able to compete against top athletes in the country. Depending on what program you are invited to at the National level will depend if you should play for the Region or USA. Below will help you and your parent make the decision; however, these are just USAV’s recommendations:

-If you are invited to a Regional HP program and a National HP A1 program, we recommend that you attend the A1. A1 National Programs put you amongst the very top volleyball players in the country in your age group and at the top of the USAV HP Athletes Pipeline.

-If you are invited to a Regional HP program and a National HP A2 Invitational, we recommend that you attend the Regional HP program but strive to participate in both, schedule and finances permitting, as you are also welcome and encouraged to attend the USAV National HP Camp at the level for which you qualified. Please see our USAV HP Camps link for more information about National HP Programs.

-If you are invited to a Regional HP program and a National HP A3, Training, or Skills Program, we recommend that you attend the Regional HP program. You are also welcome and encouraged to attend the USAV HP Program at the level for which you qualified. Please see our USAV HP Programs link for more information about National HP Programs.

**If you are listed as an alternate for a program that will conflict with your Regional program invitation, please notify your Region immediately that you have been selected as an alternate for a National program (particularly at the A1 level). As team selections are typically made in the same time frame, deadlines to accept Regional and National invitations sometimes conflict. Please note that it often takes 3-4 weeks for a program to fill and alternates are contacted throughout that time. In most cases, your Region will be willing to work with you on a deadline that will allow alternates time to see if you are invited to a National program from the waitlist.


A Player Perspective From High Performance Championships

Hi. My name is Lauren. I am 13 years old and going into the eighth grade. I was on the high-performance girls select team this year. I played outside hitter. It was an amazing experience from making new friends to seeing a whole new level of play in this sport. I really wanted to thank you for the opportunity. Starting with the selection camp and training at Marist, where I learned to fight for a position because there were so many talented athletes at the camp. I realized it took hard work and that not everything would come easy. I truly enjoyed traveling to Florida and competing, while having to be independent and needing to manage my schedule and money. I learned so much both on and off the court. I learned the importance of connecting quickly with new teammates and supporting each other through games.  I want to thank you personally for making this all possible and helping me during the training at Marist. The small corrections you made at the training really impacted my game in Florida. I also want to thank my select coaches, Coach Kaitlin and Coach Bill. I learned so much from each of them. Specifically, I loved Coach Bill’s sport psychology and pep talks, which helped us bond as a team. I appreciated Coach Caitlin's awareness of every player. She took the time to pull girls aside and coach them one-on-one. When I wasn't hitting my best on the first day and started to get down, she recognized that I needed encouragement. While most coaches just wouldn’t play me, she on the other hand had me play as a defensive specialist. I could contribute more at that time making good passes. That opportunity to be in the game brought my confidence back up to resecure the outside hitter position. I knew that she believed in me, which made me believe in myself. This club season I want to work on building up a bigger vertical and keeping my left hand up when I hit. I also realized the importance of being positive both on and off the court with my teammates, so as to make us stronger together. Once again thank you for this amazing experience! I am so excited for club season and I will see you next year at tryouts!