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GEVA - Membership Registration and Help

Internet Outages - Friday 10/21/16

There are some major companies experiencing intermittent outages today (Twitter, Netflix, Paypal etc..)

You may experience problems with the USAV Registration system due to these internet problems.

If you can wait till later to register, please do so.

Registration (USAV Webpoint System)

Registration for the 2016-2017 season is Open 

At the bottom of this page, click on the appropriate title (link) to be directed to the USAV Webpoint system for registration.  There are options for New Members and Renewing Members.

IMPORTANT: Write down your username and password. 


Please Read the Following Notice with Regard to 2016-2017 Season Tryouts

GEVA has strict policies with regard to Tryouts, Offers, and Commitments.

All of the information is posted under Junior Documents on this website. Please make every effort to be an informed consumer.  There were no Authorized Boys tryouts prior to September 9th 2016.  There are NO Authorized Girls tryouts prior to November 4th 2016.

GEVA Authorized Tryouts are listed on the Website.  There are no other Authorized Tryouts.  If you are attending a tryout not listed on the website, your GEVA / USAV insurance is not in effect.  Please read the GEVA Juniors Parent Information Guide carefully.  Any agreement financial or contractual you make is strictly between you and the Club.  GEVA is not involved on any level with club contracts.  GEVA will enforce the Commitment Policy.

Link to the Parent Information Guide

Junior Registration - Having Issues

If you are a Junior registering with GEVA and are having problems, please review the Registration Help and FAQ's page.

If you are still having problems, contact your Club Administrator or Club Director for assistance in resolving your registration issue.  Club contact information is available HERE

If you are a Junior that is unaffiliated with a club use the Junior General Help request form located HERE

Registration Links

I Need Help with a Junior Player USA Volleyball Registration

* Submit the GEVA Webpoint Help form for registration help for a junior membership.

Click here to submit the form

Memberships (click on the links below)

New Member in USAV Webpoint

If you are a NEW member, click the link above (New Member) to register. You are a new member if you have never registered with USA Volleyball or in GEVA.

Renewing Member in USAV Webpoint (known password)

If you are a RENEWING member and know your username and password, click the above link (Renewing Member) to log in and register. If you registered in USAV/GEVA during the last few years, then you are a renewing member.

Renewing Member in USAV Webpoint (need password reset)

If you are a RENEWING member and do not remember your username and password, click the above link (Renewing Member) to register.