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USA Premier Volleyball League (PVL)


Welcome to the home page for the GEVA Premier Volleyball League (PVL) teams.  GEVA is not currently supporting PVL teams.  We are currently looking into the feasibility of reinstating the program.  If interested please visit

The requirements of the PVL are spelled out there.  

If you are interested in further information, please contact the Commissioner at

Follow Team GEVA on Twitter @GEVApvl.

What is PVL?

The USA PVL is a grass roots professional volleyball league that began in 2012. It is made up of teams from among of the forty (40) regional volleyball associations across North America. Sanctioned by USA Volleyball, USA PVL offers tournament play and a League Championship event each year. The stated mission of the PVL is to create a successful and sustainable indoor professional volleyball league for elite-level post-collegiate male and female athletes in the United States.

What is Team GEVA?

Team GEVA is the official PVL team of the Garden Empire Region, which encompasses the State of New Jersey, Long Island, and the Greater Metropolitan Area of New York City (to include Westchester, Rockland, Dutchess, Putnam, and Orange Counties).

Team GEVA seeks to embody a number of goals and objectives:

  1. To represent the region in national competition by developing the highest level teams possible.
  2. To contribute to the growth of a professional volleyball league in the United States.
  3. To influence and develop GEVA juniors players through exhibition matches, clinics and other outreach activities.
  4. To provide further opportunities for top-level adult players in the region to continue playing volleyball at a high level.

Who plays on the Team GEVA?

Team GEVA consists of the top former collegiate and pro players from the area, as well as a few out-of-region players, selected onto a men’s and women’s team. For the 2015 season, GEVA held a formal tryout process beginning in December 2014 and GEVA plans to follow a similar schedule for upcoming seasons; please check the PVL page this fall for more information for the upcoming season. Or if you are interested in playing, please contact pvl@ with information on your position, volleyball career, and accolades.

Where can I see the Team GEVA play?

Both the men’s and women’s team will be engaging the GEVA community through a number of local GEVA adult tournaments and potentially exhibition matches at junior events. The dates and locations of these matches are still in the planning, and will be posted on the “Schedule” section of the PVL page.

Who does the Team GEVA compete against?

Foremost, Team GEVA competes against all other PVL teams in the Nation. The closest competitors are the teams from the Keystone (Pennsylvania), NERVA (New England) and CHRVA (Delaware, Maryland, DC, and VA) regions. CLICK HERE for a list of other PVL teams.

Will the Team GEVA offer any outreach or training?

A central goal of the program is to contribute to the growth and development of volleyball in the GEVA region. Subsequently, the Team GEVA is working to organize events in the area to help juniors and adults improve in the sport. These events may include exhibition matches, clinics, and other volleyball events taught and run by Team GEVA coaches and players. Stay tuned for more details!

I am interested in sponsoring or supporting the Team GEVA – how can I get involved?

The Team GEVA is actively looking for corporate and personal sponsors to contribute in any way they can - financial or non-financial. Funds given to the team go directly into the purchase of equipment and the subsidization of jerseys and travel costs. In exchange for sponsorship, corporate promotional material can be featured on jerseys and other marketing materials. Please contact  Lauren Bninski for more information at pvl@

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