George Fetz Over the Years
  • George Fetz over the years. This one from the early 50's. He's the young guy watching the guys mop the floor before play.
  • Team Photo

    West Y Team pic. George Fetz (#11) is back row, second from left. That's Alex Valow front far right. My Dad is front row far left. Ernie and Rudy Suwara are also in the back row.
  • Fetz Spiking

    George Fetz (#11) spiking at West Side Y
  • Fetz Blocking

    George Fetz (#11) blocking. Back when 3 man blocks were common place. Notice how the blockers couldn't "penetrate" over the net. Back then the block was an extension of the plane of the net upwards.


George Fetz Over the Years