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How the Adult Rankings Are Calculated

The seeding system will be used to reflect tournament results and the subsequent team rankings.

Point System

Pool Play

The points earned in pool play are earned as follows:

  1. Every team receives points for every set won in pool play.  The amount of points is equal to the number of wins multiplied by the Division multiplier in the Points for Pool Play table below
  2. For example, at team that wins 6 sets in a Division II/III tournament will be awarded 120 points (6 wins * 20 points)
  3. Sets won in mini-playoffs (tie-breakers) are counted towards the pool play record
  4. Set won in first round of playoffs where every team makes playoffs (e.g., a 4 team tournament) also count towards the pool play record


All teams that advance to the playoffs receive additional points based on how they finish. The team receives the points listed in the Points for Playoffs table below based on the Division and the place the teams finishes

Seeding System Clarifications

The following is a brief list of clarifications regarding the seeding system:

  1. There have also been questions regarding tiebreaker games. All tiebreaker games are considered part of pool play and are included in a team's pool play results. For example, Team A is tied for second with Team B with a 5-3 record. Team A wins the tiebreaker. Their pool play record becomes 6-3 while Team B's is 5-4. Same will be applied for three-way ties.
  2. Seedings are based on three criteria. The primary indicator is average points; followed by total points then finally by tournaments played. For example, when teams have identical averages, bias is given to the team with more total points. In the unlikely event where teams have identical records for all three of the aforementioned criteria, the sets won/loss percentage in pool play will become the tiebreaker.

Points for Pool Play

Division I Division II Division II/III Division III
Points Per Win 80 40 20 10

Points for Playoff Finish

Place Division I Division II Division II/III Division III
1st 800 400 200 100
2nd 640 320 160 80
3rd 480 240 120 60