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Rankings for the 2017 Season



  • The ranking system requires the majority of teams to have played in 2 events to be accurate. For a result to be included in the rankings calculation, both teams must have played in at least 2 events.
  • The rankings are not perfect​. Nothing (that we know of) can accurately predict the future!
  • We are posting them as a general guideline for Club Directors, Coaches, and Tournament Directors.
  • The ranking system itself is being worked on continually.
  • All current results that we have received in the correct format are included.
  • We will not debate the rankings.
  • We will not answer emails or phone calls from anyone other than Club Directors
  • If you are not a Club Director and you have a question consult your Club Director
  • The results become more accurate with more data.

The most up-to-date rankings are available on