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Adult Tournaments

Tournament Schedule/Entering Tournaments

Adult teams will register for tournaments on-line.  All teams must enter all tournaments on the GEVA website.  There are two types of sanctioned tournaments:

  • GEVA hosted tournaments
  • Organization hosted tournaments

Click the Tournament Schedule link (on the right side panel) to access the tournament schedule.  To enter into any of the Adult tournaments, find the tournament that you are interested in and the subsequent page will provide more information on that tournament (tournament director, entry fee, etc.). From there you will be allowed to register for that tournament.

GEVA Hosted Tournaments

All GEVA hosted tournaments are to be entered and paid on-line. There is a $20.00 early entry savings on the entry fee if entered by 11:59 PM on the Sunday the week prior to the tournament.

Organization Hosted Tournaments:

  • All Organization hosted tournaments are to be entered on-line.
  • The hosts are allowed to accept payments by check.  This must be listed on tournament entry form.
  • The hosts are allowed to charge higher or lower entry fees than the GEVA hosted tournaments
  • The tournament entry form must include whether certified referees will be used at the tournament.
  • A team is entered in to a tournament in the order their check is received.
  • The tournament director will email acceptance into the tournament the day the check is received to the Adult Competition Director and the team representative.
  • In the case the tournament receives a check entry that exceeds the tournament limit on the same day the team who entered on line first will be accepted. No phone entries will be accepted.