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Junior Event Schedules

Courts Needed for the 2016-2017 Season

Calling all Courts !  

GEVA Juniors is requesting courts for our 2016-2017 Season events.   Please click the below link to submit available courts at your facility. Here are the regular season dates we still need courts (regional dates to follow):

* 3/04 - 4 cts
* 4/09 - 4 cts
* 4/22 - 2 cts
* 4/23 - 10 cts
* 4/30 - 4 cts
* 5/06 - 4 cts
* 5/07 - 10 cts

* First pass at Regional Court Needs are Included Above !

Thanks for your support!

Click here to submit courts

Registrations, Teams and Other Administrative Functions

Please be advised, the GEVA Juniors staff and registrar offer their services on a part time basis.  As of January 6th, 2017 - many of the staff will be coaching and/or facilitating events across the region.  Do not expect that issues raised on Friday's - morning, afternoon or evening have sufficient time to be addressed for players and coaches wishing to participate in weekend activities.

Junior Officiating Team Education

The Education Instructions are under Officials, Junior Officials ... see this page ... page link

Tournament Weather Updates

* No Cancellations or Delays at this time.

Inclement Weather Policy

See the Competition Guide - Section 3.8 Inclement Weather Policy

Changes and Cancellations

Please do not submit Help Requests or call the Venues directly to inquire about the plans for the event to be held.  You should direct all inquiries to your club director and/or coach.

Weather Underground - Newark NJ

Weather Underground - Hempstead NY


Locations and Start Times

Locations for GEVA run events will be published at the time pools are defined.   

All events have a planned start time of 9am for pool play to begin unless noted in the event.