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Adult Regionals

2015 Adult Regionals Championship

The dates for the 2015 Adult Regional Championships are listed below:

Date Division Location* Teams
Saturday, 04/11/15 Women, Div III NJIT (Newark, NJ) 10
Saturday, 04/11/15 Men, Div III NJIT (Newark, NJ) 5
Sunday, 04/18/15 Women, Div I/II American Turners (Bronx NY) 15
Sunday, 04/19/15 Men, Div I/II NJIT (Newark, NJ) 15

* Location subject to change to accommodate the number of teams entered into the tournament.

Entry Guidelines: An effort will be made to accommodate all teams who enter the Regional Championships. Teams who enter after April 1st will be accepted only if there are openings.

Entry Deadline: April 1, 2015

Rosters: All teams must submit their roster changes by April 6 to the Registrar at registrar@ geva.org. If you are borrowing players, they must be added to your Regional Championship roster. A player may only play in one Regional Championship.

NOTE: All players must have a full membership. No player will be allowed to play with a one day or recreation membership.

Funding Eligibility: Only teams who play in both the Regional and National Championships are eligible to receive any funds as described in the Adult Player Handbook.

Division I/II Regional Championships: Depending upon the number of teams who enter into the Div I/II Regional Championships, the tournament may be broken into Div I & Div II. The top teams, based on ranking, will be placed into the Div I Championships and the remaining teams will be placed into the Div II Championships. Otherwise, the tournament will be held as one single Div II Championships.

2013 Adult Regionals Championships

Congratulations to the 37 teams who entered the Regional Championship. This was the largest participation in the GEVA Regional Championships in several years.