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Adult Regionals

2015 Adult Regionals Championship

The dates for the 2015 Adult Regional Championships are listed below:

Date Division Location* Teams
Saturday, 04/11/15 Women, Div III NJIT (Newark, NJ) 10
Saturday, 04/11/15 Men, Div III NJIT (Newark, NJ) 5
Sunday, 04/18/15 Women, Div I/II American Turners (Bronx NY) 10
Sunday, 04/19/15 Men, Div I/II NJIT (Newark, NJ) 15

* Location subject to change to accommodate the number of teams entered into the tournament.

Entry Guidelines: An effort will be made to accommodate all teams who enter the Regional Championships. Teams who enter after April 1st will be accepted only if there are openings.

Entry Deadline: April 1, 2015

Rosters: All teams must submit their roster changes by April 6 to the Registrar at registrar@ If you are borrowing players, they must be added to your Regional Championship roster. A player may only play in one Regional Championship.

NOTE: All players must have a full membership. No player will be allowed to play with a one day or recreation membership.

Funding Eligibility: Only teams who play in both the Regional and National Championships are eligible to receive any funds as described in the Adult Player Handbook.

Division I/II Regional Championships: Depending upon the number of teams who enter into the Div I/II Regional Championships, the tournament may be broken into Div I & Div II. The top teams, based on ranking, will be placed into the Div I Championships and the remaining teams will be placed into the Div II Championships. Otherwise, the tournament will be held as one single Div II Championships.