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Officials' Clinics

GEVA Referee Clinics 2015-16

To view the full Referee Certification Requirements, click here.

New referee clinics are presented in a two stage process; first as online presentations covering the basics of officiating and scoring, followed by an in-person classroom review session.

PREREGISTRATION IS A MUST FOR THE IN-PERSON CLINIC ( Some of the facilities require a roster of attendees be provided in advance, and will not allow entry if you have not registered. Changes or inclement weather may necessitate notifications.

The online Referee and Scorers’ Clinics are not yet active for the 2015-16 season.

Plan on about 4 hours for the online referee clinic and an additional hour for the scorers’ clinic. Topics are presented in modules which can be viewed individually.

The follow-up 4 hour in-person session covers Region specific information and offers the opportunity to review the online presentation.

Both ONLINE PRESENTATIONS MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE ATTENDANCE AT AN IN-PERSON REVIEW CLINIC CAN BE CONFIRMED. It is recommended that you not take the tests until after the in-person clinic.

You need only attend one of the in-person dates.  There is no fee for any of this training.