CNJVBC Insidious (Men's BB)

CNJVBC Insidious had a mixed team of veteran nationals players along with a few rookies to the nationals experience. The team started the first day with a tough schedule and some nerves playing at nationals. We were able to take one game from each team with every match going to three games, but we were not able to finish a match. We did take a game from the eventual 2nd place finisher in BB which was a highlight of the first day. The second day we returned strong winning our first two matches, but dropping the third. The third day we won out to win Flight 4. Kentucky was a great destination for the event and our team and our friend’s/significant others enjoyed the time off the courts as much as on.


Hasenet-Creole (Men's BB)

Hasenet Creole National Championship 2013 Article

Hasenet Creole Volleyball team participated in the Nationals 2013 Tournament in Louisville, Kentucky during the May 24 weekend as a Division BB Team. The entire team drove to Louisville; it was tiring but fun and a well needed bonding experience for some of us before the tournament.

The fact that all the participating hotels were right at downtown was great and we took full advantage of that; there was some sort of festivities every night we were there, live music in the streets and the restaurants serve decent food. However, the transportation from and to the hotel was not adequate to say the least, from the confusion as to what street corner to wait for the bus to waiting as long as one hour to catch a shuttle.

We had a strong team but lost in the quarter finals to the team that won it all. We finished 5th overall in the gold bracket. We are looking forward to next year Nationals in Phoenix, Arizona. Our goal still remains the same which is to win the gold bracket in our division so we will come back stronger and better to compete at next year 2014 Nationals.

Hazard (Men's BB)

USAV Nationals 2013

Nationals this year was different than the other years that I have gone. The location of the Expo Center was not in the middle of the city and so my team, Hazard, and I had to do some driving and doing this allowed me and the rest of the Hazard team to build a lot of comradery and bond at a new level. We learned that Louisville is pronounced “Lowvou” by the locals and we met some pretty interesting people along the way. Kentucky was also interesting because we needed to drive to local restaurants and other social areas and this gave us an opportunity to experience a bit more of the city of Kentucky than we had initially anticipated.

Upon the arrival to the expo center, the night before nationals began, everything suddenly became more intense. As we walked in to check in to the tournament and reserve our practice court time, we suddenly began to see all the other players and it dawned on us that we needed to “step up our game” if we were going to compete the way we were planning on.

Sure enough, we woke up the next morning fully focused and excited to play. This early intensity proved to be crucial, as we went undefeated in our pool that day with a 6-0 record. Unfortunately, this intensity did not follow in the days to come as we qualified for the silver (not the gold) bracket the next day and finally lost in the first round of the playoffs on Sunday. We soon began enjoying watching the open level players and cheering our other GEVA teams who were still hanging in there, and finished off on a good note.

Overall, everyone in Hazard became a stronger, better player with much more knowledge about the sport and each other than before. Playing against new teams was great and taught us a lot about our own team’s strengths and weaknesses. We believe that there are still a few kinks to work out, as we are only a 2nd year team, but we believe that we will do better next year, as our team is only getting better. We came in ranked 20th and out ranked 13th in the Men’s BB division. In the meantime, Hazard Men’s BB will continue to play high level volleyball all throughout NY and NJ.

Omar Minaya
Hazard Men’s BB Captain/Team Representative

Metropolis (Men's BB)


2013 was a great year for Metropolis volleyball club. We won Bronze this year with and boy it was no easy task. Our ladies did awesome too, I am sure not given the trouble of canceled flight and having to jump in a van and drive down only to get on get to the court right before play time, they would have won it all this year. Well lucky Louisville is at least close to the Big Apple and so at least they made it. Funny how every year I share with you how much fun we had. Given the city that we go into fun can be almost unlimited specially if there is some gambling and horse racing involved! That's right we went to the Derby and bet on some horses. The local were super polite and friendly in giving us tips on what horses to bet on. It was awesome for all of us because luck was on our side and we won some $$$$. Great restaurants in Louisville and, a great showing for USA VOLLEYBALL specially our GEVA region. We enjoyed the support of our other local teams in our medal rounds of play. It was also nice to go around the courts and see other team from Tri-state area play. My favorite games to watch are always the age groups. It really gives me (the oldest guy in Club) some hope that maybe I can still 'ball' as I reach the young 75 and over crowd !!

I have grown up playing Volleyball, most my friends and now family are my Volleyballers, I share this with you my extended Volleyball family, come to Nationals it is a wonderful experience. All 20 that I have played in!

Rage (Men's BB)

2013 National Championship Article: Rage – GEVA Men’s BB

If we had known that snazzy new uniforms would help us finish 5th in the nation, then we would have upgraded 3 seasons ago. Wait, we did that….Maybe we can’t give all the credit to a new set of jerseys, but they certainly improved our sex appeal.

After winning Regionals, we were ranked 12th going into Nationals. The collective team goal was to finish in the top 10. Rage rolled into Louisville ready for battle.

The tournament had a nerve-wracking start when 3 of the 9 players had flight delays causing them to arrive at 4AM. We had to play at 8AM. Starting the tournament with 6.5 players on the court and the other 2.5 getting rest, everyone worked together to minimize errors and win the early matches. We went 6-0 in games in Round 1. We played FLEX, Sioux Falls Slam, and Shinkara Black.

Round 2 began with a full squad and things were really clicking. We pushed through unscathed, beating Nothing Hits, VBLI NYC, and Setters of Catan.

The Gold bracket was upon us. Our first matchup was against a strong, finals-bound Team Youth. We put up a fight, but they beat us in 3 games. After that we went on to beat Cavalier in two games. In our next match, we seemed to be the team who made more mistakes and Buffalo Beasts ended our run.

In the end, we won by a total of 171 points and lost by only a total of 10 points. Every match we lost, we could have won. Our final record was 15-4 in games, 7-2 in matches. We finished 5th out of 68 teams. We met our goal and we got snazzy new uniforms

VBLI Crush Black (Men's BB)

VBLI Crush Black

Division: Men's BB
Team Representative: Glenn Yankow

This was the final leg of the clubs effort to provide players with a unique opportunity to improve their individual and team volleyball skills. This included a promise to compete at the highest possible levels and why VBLI sent three teams to Nationals in Louisville Kentucky in 2013 season.

Preparing for Nationals began in January 2013. We had a great 2012 / 2013. With our brand new jerseys and gear given to the team days before five flights, and two cars embarked on a once in a life time opportunity. The first day was all about settling in, getting our room assignments and checking into the convention center.

Once we checked in we immediately checked for our names in the US OPEN Nationals Guide. That was the true realization that we were really at nationals.

The second day and reseeding proved that with the new format our losses the prior day hurt us. The following day we realized we we’re going home but not because we didn’t play like champions but because the other teams played that much better.

Over all it was an amazing experience. The friends we’ve made in our travels to nationals are ones we look forward to seeing in future seasons to come.

VBLI Crush Green (Men's BB)

Division: Men's BB
Team Representative: Glenn Yankow

After an interesting season we were excited to finally be in Louisville. Being our first year playing as a team this experience was one of education.

The organization communication and support of USA Volleyball and their vendors was nothing short of great, from booking the rooms to, the check in at the convention center was fast simple and made it easier on the players.

After checking into a fantastic hotel we all went over to the convention center to check the team in.

The check-in process was fast and simple, even getting a court to warm up on was easy.

Playing on the championship court against the number one seed in the Men’s BB division was an amazing experience and one we would like to repeat next season.

The losses from the first day and the new juniors format we had an uphill battle. We realized we we’re going home but not because we didn’t play like champions but because the other teams were better. Day three: all pools were set and we knew that is was win or go home. Game one and two were wins, game three sent us home. Over all, this was an amazing experience. The friends we’ve made in our travels to nationals are ones we look forward to seeing in future USAV tournaments and Nationals seasons to come.