Creole Red (Men's AA)

Creole Red, MAA at the 2013 Nationals

For Creole Red, organizing the team and making it to nationals was a success in itself, after a few last minute personnel changes, we were all happy simply to be in Louisville on time and be playing volleyball together. For many of the team members, this was their first experience at nationals in a Creole uniform

We went into our first day very confident. Based on the personal and the leadership we knew we had our destiny in our hands.  We did not have the results we wanted, but the only way to strive for excellence is through adversities.  Despite the fact of not being to play much during the year, we felt that we represented the club to the best of our abilities and are proud of our accomplishments. The experience and the friendships we build will carry us on to the following year.  We rallied the troops and gave it one more effort and but we fell short of the goal; But ended in the Bronze bracket.

This group of guys came out and proved that team work and perseverance can overcome any obstacles. Some of them made a lot of sacrifices to be on this team and I commend and respect them for that.

We are looking forward to next year to try and take the title.  We want to thank all the players (Dany Yin, Andrew Woolward, Rob McLean, Chuck Stanley, Greg Cwiekala, Kert Fernandez, Sky Holden, Randy Jemel Preval, Eryk Kowalski, Tony Foo, Mark Schur and Rony Gilot) who made this possible for us to be able to compete in this event.  Hope to see you all next year.